It’s done!

The screening was a success! We had a packed house and lots of positive feedback from the audience. Now we’re hanging out under a palm tree trying to take it all in.

MIFF begins

We’ve landed in Mumbai and we’re getting the lay of the land. The festival is centred around the state-run Films Division complex. We were hanging around there and came across several of these life-size banners featuring our social media images. The fireworks were a bit of a joke but happy to see that word is getting out. Thanks MIFF!

MIFF Premiere Jan. 30, 2016

World Premiere: Mumbai International Film Festival 2016


Date: Saturday, January 30, 2016 | Time: 6:30 p.m. | Venue: JB Hall, Films Division Complex, Pedder Road, Mumbai 


Everyone needs a “Delegate Badge” to see films at MIFF. 
Delegate Badge Cost:  200 rupees.  (100 rupees for students)

(This badge gets you into all the films at the festival.)

How to get a Delegate Badge: 

1. Fill out the Registration Form

2. Select ”Delegate” under Category on the form.

3. Record the tracking number given after submitting. You can go back to the MIFF site under the “Registrations” menu and track the status (approval usually takes 24 hours).  

4. Once it is approved you can pick up and pay for our Delegate Badge at the Reception/Front Desk in the Films Division Complex on Pedder Road. If doing this before the show, please come early to avoid waiting in line. 

If you cannot fill in the delegate form online, please show up at least 30-60 minutes before the screening to complete the process in person. Please bring a passport size photo to speed things up.

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