First official WTR press conference

On our last day in Mumbai, the MIFF team put together a press conference to help us reach out the media. We had to limit it to 30 minutes (and bring our suitcases into the room) because we literally had to leave directly for the airport right after. It was a great chance to connect with journalists. Now off to Delhi!

It’s done!

The screening was a success! We had a packed house and lots of positive feedback from the audience. Now we’re hanging out under a palm tree trying to take it all in.

MIFF begins

We’ve landed in Mumbai and we’re getting the lay of the land. The festival is centred around the state-run Films Division complex. We were hanging around there and came across several of these life-size banners featuring our social media images. The fireworks were a bit of a joke but happy to see that word is getting out. Thanks MIFF!

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